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What are cookies?

A “cookie” file is a small text file sent by a web server and saved on the device used by the user to connect to the Internet (e.g. computer, tablet, smartphone). The “cookie” file allows the information contained in it to be read only by the server that created it and is used, for example, on pages that require users to log in, monitor visitor activity or in the case of website visitor counters.

Use of “cookies”.

The “cookies” file stores various information about the user of a given website, his communication with the web server and the history of browsing the website. Thanks to “cookies”, the server can automatically recognize a given user and generate a page dedicated to him. By using “cookies”, you can easily check whether a given page has already been visited, and then perform various operations on this basis, e.g. design a visit counter insensitive to page reloading (increase the number when refreshing).

Management of “cookies” from the level of the web browser.

By default, web browsers accept “cookies”. Users have the option to change the browser’s default settings up to the point of completely blocking these files. If you want to make changes, please use the “Help” option in the menu of your web browser.

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